Litigation Support

Locating, interviewing, and accessing witnesses

We can locate hard to find witnesses, obtain detailed interviews and statements as well as access their credibility to assist in civil and criminal cases

Trial preparation

We will gather all investigative material pretrial for the litigator removing stress and allowing the attorneys and legal staff to concentrate on other matters. We will also provide investigative support during the trial phase with investigative support as well as jury selection.

Pre-litigation investigations

We will conduct investigations at the request of the litigator to assist in the decision of the best course of action

Fraud Investigations

Background Investigations

We conduct general background investigations as well as:

Pre-employment Investigations
All pre-employment investigations will be conducted in accordance with Texas Law and will include the following as allowed

  • Criminal/civil filings
  • False claims
  • Telephone search
  • Employment history
  • Address verification
client and private investigator discussing background of someone

Criminal Investigations

lady liberty holding scales of justice
  • With law enforcement agencies becoming increasingly understaffed and overworked, Sierra One Investigation relies on decades of experience in the state and federal justice systems in order to investigate violations of law. We will then present the case to the proper entity for prosecution.
  • We are able to provide unbiased opinions of criminal cases.
  • We provide courtroom testimony.

Criminal Defense

  • We will happily work with your attorney in all criminal matters on the state and federal level. We also provide expert witness testimony in several areas of criminal offenses.
private investigator with client of criminal defence