Can a private investigator be admissible in court?

I have to interpret this question to mean, can the testimony of private investigator be admissible in court. The long answer is: it depends.

The attorney for the other side’s job is to discredit you and your witnesses, including your Texas licensed investigator. Therefore it depends on the investigator you hire. Would you hire a mechanic to fix you car who has seen general engine information in a book once, or do you want the certified mechanic who has personally repaired hundreds or maybe thousands of cars? The same thing goes for the investigator you hire. Should your investigator find a crucial piece of evidence that is presented in court, who would you rather have on the stand someone who has testified 100s of times, or someone who has seen the inside of a courtroom once or twice? Conduct your own research, then make your decision on who you want investigating your case.

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